Please use the following links to access the Valuation Return Form and Instructions

Use this link to access the Online Return Portal

Download the Valuation Return and instructions as a .pdf

Instructions for the Completion of Return required under Section 29 of the Valuation of Land Act

Required Documents

In order to complete the submission of this Return it is recommended that you fill in your Return form using a Computer.

In order to complete the submission of this Return, you need to have the following documents or images saved as a PDF, JPEG, JPG or PNG file, not exceeding 10mbs each. If you are using a cellular telephone to take pictures of the documents, a simple solution would be to use Microsoft Lens which is a free app available for both android and apple and allows you to create pdf documents easily and accurately.

  1. Copy of One (1) National Identification document of Owner and/or Occupier
    • National Id Card: Front and Back Required
    • Driver’s Permit: Only Front Required
    • Passport: Only Bio Data Page Required
  2. WASA Bill addressed to the property for which you are filing this Return. Only the first page with the Address and other property details is required.
  3. Title Document (if available) (e.g. Deed or Certificate of Title)
  4. Two (2) Photographs of the subject Property  – Take photographs from the roadway and if this is not possible then photographs taken from inside the wall would be accepted.
    • Front View: ensure that the full extent of the front of the main dwelling unit is visible (where physically possible)
    • Side View: Ensure the full length of the Main Dwelling Unit is visible (where physically possible)  
    • If your property lies behind a high wall, kindly capture a picture of your property from inside the wall, if physically possible. If not, an image captured from a suitable curbside point will be accepted.
  5. Building Plans (if available)
  6. Survey Plan (if available)
  7. Rental/Lease Agreement (If available)

Required Data

  • Owner/Occupier ID Number
  • Title Document Reference Number:
    • Certificate of Title Reference Number: this comprises the VOLUME and FOLIO numbers which are found on the top right corner of the front of the Certificate.
    • Deed Reference Number: this is comprised of one alphanumeric string eg. DE201501234567, which can be found on the first page of the document or a Deed Number and Registration Year eg. 195 of 1975.
  • Area (square metres, M2) of the property’s main dwelling unit (inclusive of an attached porch or deck). To obtain this, the outside of each floor of only the residential building should be measured using a standard measuring tape and the area calculated from its perimeter. If you have building plans, you may find it there also. If the property has multiple floors (including a basement, mezzanine and/or attic) the area is required for EACH floor separately. Do not include sheds and outside structures. Please note that if you do not provide an area, the officers of the Division will contact you to carry out a site inspection and collect the missing information.
  • Clear pictures of any structural defects in the main dwelling unit that may affect the value of the property. Max 2 pictures or a single PDF with multiple pics, file size limit for each is 10mb.

Once you have all of the aforementioned documents and data prepared, you are ready to fill out the Return. If, for any reason, you are unable to complete this Return in one sitting, you can save your progress and return at a later time to complete it. Please note that if you do so, you will have to re-upload your documents when you resume the submission process. We do not store documents attached to incomplete Returns.To find the Return you were working on, login to the Valuation Division website, go to My Account >Returns > In Progress and then click “Continue Editing”. You will be redirected to the Returns application where you can review the information entered previously and resume entering further details.

Please use the following links to access the Valuation Return Form and Instructions

Use this link to access the Online Return Portal

Download the Valuation Return and instructions as a .pdf