The Work of the Division

In order to achieve its mandate, the Valuation Division has divided its work into two areas of particular responsibility and both are ably supported by the Administrative

Professional Valuations:

This unit is responsible for providing property appraisal services to various government departments/divisions, including the Property and Real Estate Services Division, Board of Inland Revenue, Commissioner of State Lands, District Revenue Offices, Municipal Corporations and any Statutory Authorities, Boards or Bodies (WASA, T&TEC, PTSC and NHA) requiring professional advice related to the valuation of assets, acquisition and disposal of rights in property.

Matters handled by this unit include valuation advice for the purpose of Stamp Duty (conveyances and gift), acquisitions and rentals and processing Change of Ownership.

Valuation Roll Development:

The primary responsibility of this area is the development of the Valuation Roll. Pursuant to the Valuation of Land Act, 1969, the Valuation Roll is a record of properties in Trinidad and Tobago. It forms the basis of the Assessment Roll which is used by the BIR for the administration of property taxes.

Valuation Division began  in January 2018 to create the first ever Valuation Roll for Trinidad and Tobago and thereafter, to update, maintain and republish this Roll every five years.

Administrative Unit: